Machine Type 035_02

Electric double eyeletting machine for stainless steel eyelets (V2a)

035 02

Description of the machine:
Electric double eyeletting machine for stainless steel eyelets (V2a) in extra heavy design with fixed hole spacing and with hydraulic re-pressing unit for automatic insertion of eyelets into pre-punched material. The eyelets are automatically fed and pressed in via one driven sorting drum each on the left and right. Both eyelets are inserted at the same time. The pressure of the eyelets is adjusted via an adjusting screw on the lower tool. Electronic eyelet sensing for level control in the feed rail as well as monitoring of the sorting drums. With protective housing, electrical limit switch and piece counter.

Technical data:
Control cabinet with PLC-control and operating panel
Component monitoring for already loaded workpieces
Sorting drum drive: Electrically with minimum and maximum control
Performance: 60 cycles/minute
Drive: Geared brake motor
Sorting drive: Small gear motor 
Working height: Approx. 1200 mm
Weight: Approx. 1000 kg
Space required: 1300 x 2000 x 2100 mm
Air pressure: Approx. 6 bar 
Projection: 200 mm freely projecting 
Hole spacing: Fixed 
Repressing unit: Hydraulic with aggregate

Application examples:
Automotive industry, automotive supplier, automotive, mold making, plastics processing

Sample photos heat shield


Machine Type 060_16_600

for stainless steel eyelets (V2a)

Description of the machine
Electric riveting machine for aluminum solid eyelets up to 4.2 mm diameter with lower stamp movement for pre-punched parts.

Application examples
Aircraft industry, light-metal engineering, control cabinet construction, automotive industry.

für Edelstahl-Ösen (V2a)


Machine Type 080_20

For oval eyelets

Description of the machine
Pneumatic double riveting machine with bottom feed rate for push buttons in door mats.

Application examples
Automotive industry, automotive supply industry.

080 20

Sample photos automobile mats


Machine Type 080_30

Horizontal riveting machine

Wagerecht NietmaschineDescription of the machine
Electric horizontal double riveting machine

Application examples
Fixing of plastic carry straps to detergent containers, Hinges for manhole covers.


Machine Type 090_20

Maschine Typ 090_20Description of the machine
Pneumatic push button machine for spherical parts with hoppers for the provision of appr. 60,000 parts with bottom feed rate.

Application examples
Medical parts, automotive industry, textile industry.


Machine Type 1002

Hydro-pneumatic punching press

Description of the machine
Hydro-pneumatic punching press for the punching of round and oval holes. The position of the holes are freely programmable. Strips can be processed as coils or endlessly.

Application examples:
Printing industry, textile industry, packaging industry, logistics etc.



Machine Type 1005

for round eyelets

Description of the machine
Pneumatic-electric double riveting machine with bottom and top feed drive for push buttons in door mats.
The machine body can be variably adjusted, the hole distance 200-600mm.

Application examples:
Automative industry, automotive supply industry

sondermaschine fuer rundoesen 1005

Sample photos automobile mats


Machine Typ 1011

Assembly plant to plastic insulation in fence posts

Description of the machine
Full automatic assembly system to plastic insulation and metal rivet nuts
in fence posts etc. to press.

Application examples
Fence,-gate and security system, wire industry


Sample images post


Machine Typ 1012

Magnetic glue station for the automatic milling of blind holes and
for gluing the magnets

Description of the machine
Assembly plant around blind holes for milling and gluing of the magnets to be used.

Application examples
Packaging industry, luxury packaging, paper industry, office supplies, closing of folders


Sample images packagings


Special purpose machine Type 022_100

Pneumatic 4-fold press

Pneumatic 4-fold press

Description of the machine
Pneumatic press for riveting 4 rivets into sheet metal parts (studs made of V2a). The parts are inserted manually. Start of the machine via 2-hand release.

Application examples
Automotive industry, picture frame, electrical industry


Special purpose machine Type 100_02

Electric 4-fold riveting machine

Elektrische 4-fach NietmaschineDescription of the machine
Adjustable 4-fold riveting machine.
Every machine body has an own separate electronic motor as well as a servo motor for the adjustment of the riveting distance. The riveting distance can be selected variably and entered on a control panel. The different riveting positions can also be selected individually.

Application examples
Installation of special rivets to the back panel of photos.
For the automotive industry e.g. dash boards, rear parcel shelves, sliding roofs.


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