Machine Type 033_10 (2)

Electric eyeletting machine with pre-punching device

033 10

Description of the machine:
Electric eyeletting machine with pre-punching device and disc feed for automatic insertion of eyelets and discs in fabric binders or fabric. The material is pre-punched by the pre-punching device. The discs are fed automatically and brought into position by a steel belt pusher. The eyelets are also automatically fed and automatically inserted into the material together with the discs. Depending on the material thickness, the pressure can be adjusted. Electronic disc sensing for level control in the feed rail. Disc feed can be switched off. With leading finger protection device, electric foot switch and piece counter.

Technical data:
Control cabinet with PLC-control
Sorting drum drive: Electrically with minimum and maximum control
Bottom parts feed: Pneumatic, can be switched off
Performance: 80 cycles/minute
Drive: Geared brake motor 
Sorting drive: Small gear motor
Working height: Approx. 1000 mm
Weight: Approx. 250 kg
Space requirement: 850 x 600 x 1750 mm 
Air pressure: Approx. 6 bar 
Projection: 120 mm freely projecting

Application examples:
Paper and printing industry, textile industry, protective equipment, shoe industry, clothing industry, leather goods industry, tarpaulin and tent industry, etc.

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